Sunday, November 27, 2011

Jake and Caedmon join the fun!

This post is for Mom, Dad, Troy, Dannon, Randi, Addi, Norah, Brandi, ShaeLyne, and Becca.  We missed you and wished you were with us.  This Leister gathering was on November 6th.
Caedmon was so good at including Luken.

This looks like a very peace talk between uncle and nephew, but really Tekoa is trying to get away from Jake to the best of his ability.

Josh and his son - They are a pair.

Beautiful Eliza

They were all able to spend a bit of time outside.

Look another North American Monkey.

Josh and his daughter.

Leister cousins

The fantastic Derting Family

We made another bonfire and roasted marshmallows.

Just like old times, right mom and dad?

Sadly, Jacob is not praising the Lord.  He is just attempting to get cell service.

Anjahli is such a sweetheart.

My cheesy boy

Our cat, Smokey, felt Jake was an excellent perching spot.

Caedmon and Makayla are only four months a part.  They have been pals ever since they began to crawl.

Funny kids

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