Wednesday, October 19, 2011

More Catch Up: Nez Perce County Fair

Dad and I at the carnival

Luken catching bubbles.  I love that they have the whole kid free section.

Giant pumpkins

The petting zoo - This is one of the kids favorite parts of the fair.

Brittney, Justin, and Anjahli were also with us.


Aren't they cute?

More cuteness with Geema, which is the name Makayla gave my mom.

Look at Bailee's face 

Bunnies - Bailee has been asking for a bunny for a while.

FOOD - We had some of the best nachos.

Justin is eating tongue tacos, hence the look on Brittney's face.

A whole lot of cheesiness

Dad and daughter

Grandpa Ted and Grandma Brenda joined us.

Riding the carousel - Another favorite

Some of the very first friends my parents made when we started attending RCC.

Luken and Anjahli got in on the carousel action.

Interestingly enough, Makayla loved the dragon and Sam did not.

Brittney, Dannon, and Bailee riding the something or other.

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