Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Last Visit with the Elder Movi

Life is so busy right now.  Mondays through Thursdays just seem to blur.  I am sorry I have not been good at keeping this up to date.  There is so much left to share of my time with my family.  Josh, Rachel, and the kids are still here.  In fact, we were told last week that they are expecting little Leister #3.  How excited!  Sadly, another niece/nephew that I will only get to see at rare times, but they make those times so much more special.

Back to when the Leisters were here:
We got one more visit with Grandpa Ted and Grandma Brenda.

Bailee thought this was her throne since she was wearing her boots.

I just love my Dad's face in this picture.

Mom and Sammy

They thought this was funny.   You will understand when you see them together in the rest of the pictures.

I put the rest of these in so you can see how naughty Ted and Bailee were being.  I think there is only one with okay faces.

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