Sunday, May 22, 2011


This is our Sammy. She is a funny girl and very much the middle child. At times, she reminds me of my brother, Josh, and then others my sister, Brittney. Anyway, she is a beautiful girl with beautiful hair.

Around March, I began to get frustrated with her hair care habits. She is eight and she does try to care for her hair, but she is eight and at times does not think about it. Her hair is thick and it was getting long. We had an understand that if she would maintain her hair then she could grow it out. If not, I was going to cut it after her dance recital. (She take ballet and they like their hair to be in a bun.)

At times, I thought she might get into taking care of her hair, but on the whole, it was the same old, same old.

Anyway, her dance recital was on Tuesday and on Thursday, I took the scissors to her hair. I have to admit that I do not do a fantastic job, but it turns out okay.

Here she is with her short and easier hairdo for summer. She is beautiful no matter what the length of her hair.

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