Saturday, May 28, 2011

Our Yard

Finally, we have been able to get out in our yard and do some work. Although, our weather has been ridiculously cold. It got down to 31 degrees last night here on the Palouse.

The above picture is of my strawberries. I have to tell you that I was pleasantly surprised when I realized they were growing this spring. I did not realize they were perennials and would come back after I planted them last year. I love strawberries and I cannot wait for some fruit. Below is after I got rid of the weeds and prepared the ground around them a bit.

This, at one time, was a rock garden. The man who lived here before my parents collected all kinds of rocks and I bet he had a nice looking little spot right here. It had a border and everything. I have not given this part of the lawn all that much attention over the years we have lived here, but it became a goal this spring.

My mom had planted a few roses here also when they lived here. I feared that I had killed them by my lack of attention. Thank God, roses are resilient. With some sunshine and the weeds and grass gone from around them, they are growing well.

Also, you will notice in the first picture, a shrub. Well, I hated that shrub. It got huge and just attracted a lot of bees right next to where we bbq and have our picnic table. So, I ripped it out. Well, actually, Jeremy finally had to come help me, but it is now gone, which I am excited by. Mom, I hope you did not plant that.

I planted some wild flowers and I am hoping to see them any day now. Once the roses are bigger I will have to decide what to do with it, but I do love roses.

Finally, I got to my garden. It is going to have less variety this year, but I think I understand our wants and needs better this year.

I decided to do some raised beds this year. It was a lot of work getting those together also. Thanks to my husband they came together well.

We now have some carrots, radishes, spinach, cilantro, cucumbers, and corn planted. I really want a tomato, but I wanted to wait. I know there are varieties out there that have a shorter growing season. If anyone knows where I could purchase one of those, please let me know. I am only going to do one this year.

I never really thought I would enjoy working in the yard, but I do. My husband sometimes gets after me on Sundays for "working" in the yard, but it never feels like work to me.

I will have more as flowers, vegetables, and fruit show themselves.


  1. How much corn did you plant? Did you know you have to plant quite a bit of it for it to pollinate?

  2. I did. The place I have the corn is not show. I have four rows with about 10 stalks in each.

  3. You should be fine then! :) I always laugh when I see the corn plants at Hays. Poor people that just buy one or two. And you can buy a pack of corn seeds for a little over a dollar! I can't imagine if people planted a bunch of rows of corn by corn plants. That would be crazy expensive.