Sunday, May 29, 2011

River City Dance Spring Recital

Our girls have been dancing since they were young. It is funny to think that Sam at age 8 has five years of dance behind her.

These are pictures I took at the recital rehearsal. A good family friend, Aaron, took some other pictures that our incredible. So much better than mine, here is his site - Aaron Betts Photos.

Sam and Makayla came to the rehearsal dressed in their first costume. Bailee did not and would not let me take her picture before they started.

This is Sam's ballet dance.

Makayla's pre-ballet class danced with Sammy's ballet class.

It was funny at rehearsal. Makayla kept telling her classmates where they should be. I got one picture where you can see her scolding one of them. Bailee and I both mentioned it when we got home, which got us in trouble with her. She was much better the night of the recital.

This is Bailee and her pointe class. She is the third one from the front.

This is her jazz class and this was the best dance of the night. It was balliwood style and done to a song of the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack, very Asian Indian. I loved it.

Here she is with Overflow, which is the service group she is a part of for the dance school.

Another jazz piece, she danced in seven dances.

This is Sam's jazz class. They actually danced with Bailee's class.

We had a great night. All three of the girls did a fantastic job.

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