Friday, January 21, 2011

Grandpa and Grandma Movius Visit

I have been a bit behind with these pictures. They were taken on the 2nd. The majority of our little family was not able to make the Movius-Sager Family Christmas gathering - too many sick kids. Anyway, Ted and Brenda came up for a visit the following weekend.

Luken is above showing off his moves - very cute!!

Brenda and the girls played different card games. I got in a set or two.

Jeremy and his dad playing the Wii.

They were playing Mario cart and then moved on to bowling.

It was great to have sometime with Grandpa and Grandma. And if you have not seen Ted and Brenda lately, they look great. They have both been doing the Medifast diet and they are looking so slim and trim.

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  1. Thank you daughter. Very sweet of you. T&B