Thursday, January 20, 2011

Another Lost Tooth

Samantha has lost another tooth. She just pulls them out on her own and she knows to do it when I am not around. She has had this particular loose tooth for quite sometime now. She has been wiggling it and playing with it hoping it would come out. Yesterday was its day.

The only thing sad in this whole circumstance is Makayla. Samantha lost her first tooth just a few days after turning six. Makayla has been six for two months now and she has been waiting daily to have a tooth fall out.


  1. aww, caedmon and mak are in the same boat. some of his friends have started losing their teeth, and caedmon is just sure every single day that one of his is loose too. but i've checked, many times, and their all still firmly planted in there : )

  2. Makayla does have one that is a little bit loose, but we will not let them wiggle them. I believe that a lot of Bailee's misaligned teeth are because she pulled too many out at the same time. We make the two younger girls wait until they are really loose before they can wiggle them and pull them out.