Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Nez Perce County Fair

Every year when it gets to be September, the girls start asking when the fair is. Actually, they start asking when the fair is when January of a new year rolls around, but they do it again in September.

Above is a picture of Bailee and her friend Melanie.

Sam and Makayla walking in barely containing their excitement.

Grandmpa Mike and Makayla
The kids were so excited to have Grandma Pam and Grandpa Mike joining them for their trip to the fair.

Luken was awed by everything and every animal he saw he would say, "Dog!".

The Rabbit barn is always a favorite. Usually there are one or two bunnies out that can be petted. Luken was not too sure about touching those fuzzy things.

Bailee and Melanie were very teenagerish and I had to be sneaky about the pictures I took of them.

The merry-go-around and the fun house are the two favored rides for Sam and Makayla. Thankfully so, because tickets at the carnival are expensive. Bailee earns money every year so she can get a wristband pass that always her to ride as many times as she would like. They are $20. We could not do that for all of the girls.

Luken was not sure why he had to watch and the girls got to ride with Dad.

This is the fun house. The girls love the mirrors inside. Sam got down the slide before I got a chance to get her picture. Makayla always has to go with Dad.

Samantha also likes this obstacle course. Makayla did it with Jeremy last year, but refused to do it this year. She has a fear of heights. It is something we continue to pray through with her.

It use to be she would not go on anything that she could look through the flooring and see she was off the ground on. Now she is better with decks and playground equipment, but stairs, like at the hospital, she freaks out and cries on. It has been interesting at times.

Brittney and Justin met up with us later. We walked through everything again and had a great time. Sorry, Brit, the close up I did of you was not flattering. I figured you would rather have me leave it out.

Another success, fun trip to the fair. We are hoping to make it to the Red Barn Fall Festival in October. If we do, I will definitely get some pictures up.

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