Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bailee's Birthday Weekend

Happy 15th, Bailee
Bailee's birthday was Saturday this year and we had a full weekend planned.

To kick the weekend off, Bailee invited some friends up to stay Friday night.
Melanie, Sarah, and Ashley stayed and I believe they had a great time.

This is Saturday morning. Bailee was not willing to have her picture taken first thing.

Dannon, this is Bailee talking with you on the phone.

Finally, she came out of the covers and let me take her picture.

She had decided that she wanted Chinese for dinner, so I did not have to make her crepes for breakfast.

This is her good friend, Melanie. As you can imagine, she is quite the character.

Then Saturday night, we had the family party. This is Bailee and Jeremy before the family arrived.

Bailee opening gifts. She was very blessed. Thank you everyone.

You cannot tell in these pictures, but our gift to her was another set of piercings in her ears.

I always mean to take a picture of the kids with Jeremy and me on their birthdays and I always forget. I might just decided to take day after pictures, since that is when I usually remember.

Bailee had a great weekend and I can barely believe she is 15. We watched some video of when she was 11 last night and the difference is incredible. They change so much in the first 15 years of life.

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