Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy 18th Birthday, Marvin

Marvin has turned 18, crazy. For a long time, he was the baby of the family and it is hard to imagine him moving on and starting his own life.

Here are some pictures from the party we had for him.

Yes, there are 18 candles on the little bit of sugary goodness.

And oh my, they relit. I had forgotten that I had bought Bailee trick candles last year for her birthday. I chose these because they were so skinny. The funny thing is they did not work last year for Bailee, but they sure worked good for Marvin.

Anjahli was the hit of the night. She got passed around. Everyone got their chance to hold her.

Anjahli and Becca sitting on Bill's lap getting to know each other.

Makayla thought Luken needed to be in on the fun.

I think Luken is shocked by the fact that Becca can read so much better than he can.

It was a good party, but there were many people missing. Dad, Mom, Troy, Dannon, Josh, Rachel, Tekoa, Eliza, Jake, Randi, Caedmon, and Addi, you were all very much missed.


  1. thanks for all the pictures jess!!! and, i LOVED the 18 candles on a cupcake! you should have given him a little fire extinguisher : )

    love you all!

  2. He was surprised by all the candles and the bonfire it created. I know he wished you were all there. He told me he did not want me to do anything big for him, but I think he was a little let down by the mildness of his 18th birthday party.