Wednesday, September 15, 2010

River City Dance Outreach Group

This year River City Dance is exploring having an outreach group. I, personally, am very excited by this. This groups focus is to go out and bring Jesus to people through dance. They will also minister through prayer and hopefully other gifts of the Spirit. Bailee is a part of this group and know it is going to change her life.

The above picture is centered on Largent. He is such a great young man of God. I am just blessed to know him and have him a part of the family. He is helping to lead this group. He is also a leader in our youth group and he keeps a close watch on Bailee. I love it!!

Largent and Brea H. lead this meet and greet time. They had the kids do several mixer games. This one had the person in the middle choose someone, go up to them and say "Honey, if you love me, you will smile for me." The object for the middle person is to get the other person to smile or laugh. This is Bailee preparing herself not to smile or laugh.

Bailee's turn to do the sweet talking.

In another mixer, they were split up into groups of three and asked to make up a call. They then mixed them up and spread them out. Then they asked them to close their eyes and try to find their group by making their call. It was definitely entertaining to watch.

And here they are. Like I said, I am really looking forward to seeing what God has for this group through this year.

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