Saturday, September 18, 2010

Get Firewood

We usually spend a ton of money each year on wood.

This year we thought we would get a $25 permit and get our own. We did not know what a challenge that would be.

We had a lot of fun though spending the day in the woods.

It is sad to say, Josh and Jake, but my girls are not us. Every little big was a screech. Every little bit of dirt had to be gotten rid of before we moved on. It was hysterical. (It wasn't quite that bad, but close.)

It reminded me so much of my childhood. We were up in the Umatilla forest and the smells were all the same as Badger Mountain. The terrain was all the same. I loved it. Bring on being a kid.

Luken LOVED it. The kid loves the dirt. Anytime he can be outside he is in heaven.

I saw this lovely white butterfly. I am not sure why the picture came up sideways. It is not sideways in my computer.

Luken did not want my love. He wanted to be down playing with the chainsaw.

Then, on the way home, we got to see some big horn sheep. I have never seen any in the wild before. They are so incredible. We did see a male with a huge set of horns, but he was shy and would not allow me to take his picture.

Spending time in God's creation is an incredible thing. I wish I did it more.

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