Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Visiting Canine

Yesterday, I came home in the evening to find two lab older dogs at our house. The kids said they had come down Evans Rd and decided to take a break at our house.

You could tell that they had collars at one time, but not any longer. They were mature dogs. One looked quite old.

They hung around the house until late last night barking at whatever was crawling around in the bushes and trees around our house.

When we woke this morning, they were no where in site. I was very glad, because our girls thought that we should keep them.

Then around 10am this morning they returned. They were so malnourished that Jeremy had to feed them. In doing so, we knew we would have to call the animal shelter.

And so that task fell to me. For your information when there is a stray animal, you actually call the sheriff's department or the police department depending on where you live.

Our girls were not very happy. They wanted to keep one, if not both. Jeremy even considered keeping the younger of the two. Thankfully, sanity reined and both went to the animal shelter. There were sad faces all over the place when they left.

It was very easy though. These dogs were definitely someone's pets. When the deputies came, they just called the dogs and they hopped into the backseat of the squad car.

I pray that whoever has lost them comes to find them, because they were very sweet dogs.

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  1. Either that or someone "lost" them on purpose. Glad you didn't keep them- Gia keeps you busy enough.