Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy 80th Birthday, Grandpa Ray

Jeremy's Grandpa turned 80 this month. And as Jeremy told him, I hope we are as active and look as good as he does at 80.

These are pictures that Pam and I took at the party.

Here is Pam and Luken. Grandma had been feeding Luken chocolate cake.

Our kids with Great Grandpa

Jeremy had to work, so he came up at the end of the party. I was hoping to stay out of pictures, but Pam caught me and insisted.

Here is Ray with his Grandsons except Travis.
From left to right: Shane (the eldest), John (the youngest), Grandpa Ray, Jeremy, Kevin, and Thomas.

And here is Grandpa Ray with Travis and his family.

When I went outside to collect the girls to go, I could hear giggling, but I could not see anyone.
I found them all crammed in the tunnel slide. Above is Aliah, Jeremy's cousin's daughter.

Makayla was at the bottom.

Bailee was up around the corner.

We had a great time at the party. It is always nice to visit with family.


  1. You just HAD to post the picture of me, huh. By the way, your pictures have been looking great! It makes me so happy to not see point-and-shoot pics.

  2. I am really enjoying my camera. I do still get a bit flustered using the manual setting, but I will keep at it.

    And about the picture, I had to put a picture of Travis in there, because I mentioned him before. You always look great.