Sunday, May 2, 2010

Art Under the Elms

The Dogwood Festival is an annual series of events here in the Lewis/Clark valley. The favorite event for the girls and myself is the Art Under the Elms.

This year we had the pleasure to spend sometime with the some of the girls friends and Great Grandma Georgia and Grandma Pam.

Above is a picture of Tessa. She is a sprightly little character. She is a year older than Makayla and one of the girls best friends.

Here are all four of the girls. They are quite the little crew when they all get together.

With Great Grandma and Grandma. Bailee had just danced and so she was off with friends.

Our favorite part of the Art Under the Elms is the fairy tea. Tessa and Rosie (shown above with Makayla) joined us this year. This was very special for our girls to get to share this with their friends.

Our girls love a good tea party.

Here are some pictures of the fairies. They were very entertaining. They sang songs, did a bit of dancing, and were just all around silly.

Here are the girls with all the fairies. These ladies were just wonderful. They went and got the toadstool and were very willing to get their picture taken with the girls.

Grandma paid for the girls to have their faces painted. Thank you so much, Grandma. Makayla was still protesting Monday morning about having her face washed.

I just love Luken's smile in this picture. I think this is the first big smile I have caught with the camera.

Marvin and I were talking about the Art Under the Elms and he was saying he was not all the impressed. It is definitely for those with an eye for crafts. I love all types of crafts, so I love to go and browse all the little stalls.

Jeremy went with us this year. I told him he did not have to go next year. He is not into crafting and his impatience just rolled off him like waves of heat. He can definitely stay home next year.

It was fun and it is always something we look forward to when April rolls around.

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