Monday, March 9, 2009

Plugged In Online

For those of you looking for a good preview of movies, games, and music, I have got the sight for you. It is called Plugged In Online. I use it mostly for movies, but I have also read a review or two about new music albums coming out. This website is a part of Dr. Dobson's ministry Focus on the Family.

One thing I like about this site, especially the movie reviews, is that it allows you to make the decision. It gives you the facts regarding the movie, but it does not tell you what to think. At the end, it tells you what the reviewer thinks, but they leave it open to you to make the decision.

Just so you know, they get graphic. In the sense that they say, this sex scene happens and the front and back of a woman are completely shown. I won't want any of you to be shocked. I appreciate the detail, because I can turn around and talk with my 16-year-old brother and tell him exactly why I do not think he should watch a movie. Not all of you may be in that position yet.

Anyway, I encourage you to check it out if you never have next time you find a movie you or your kids are interested in watching.

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  1. That site has saved my rear numerous times from watching some movies I would've regretted seeing!