Wednesday, March 18, 2009

2nd OB Appt

So I have had my second ob appointment. I took my husband along with me this time, since it was basically a baby listening appointment.

When we got there, the waiting room was full. Our doctor had been called to the hospital twice in the course of the morning, so all of the appointments were backed up. We listened to some very interesting waiting room conversation before our appointment.

We were finally called back and I had to go through the usual routine - pee in a cup, get weighed, and answer many questions that at normal times I would not tell a complete stranger.

Then it was back to what Jeremy referred to as the other waiting room. Thankfully, we were only there for about 5 more minutes. The doctor came in and ask me some more questions I did not want to answer.

It was then time for the whole point of the visit. To hear the baby's heartbeat and be told by the doctor that all was well. So I laid back on the table and exposed the belly. She put the nice cold gel on my belly and began to listen. She picked up the heartbeat right away, but baby Movius only allowed listening for about 15 seconds. Then he was done and he gave the wand a kick. The doctor did say that all was well. All of my blood tests and everything came back good.

I have another appointment in a month. I am not sure if I will get Jeremy to accompany to this one though.

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  1. glad to hear all is well with you, and that "baby movius" is strong and sassy!