Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ghormley Park - Moscow

Saturday was such a nice day up here on the hill, we decided to go looking for another park
to take the little girls to. We ended up in Moscow and a little park on the U of I campus,
Ghormley Park.
This time we had dad with us, so the girls had someone they could play with.

Dad is always helpful when it comes to crossing the bars.

It was a fun time with the little ones, who are really not so little anymore.

If you are wondering where Bailee is, she had stayed the night with a friend
to help babysit. Then she went to Lewiston's Junior Miss Saturday night. I think
the highlight of the evening was meeting Billy Jeffrey.


  1. cute.

    looks fun and looks cold too...was it?

  2. Actually, it was a very nice day. It had been much colder the other day we went to the park.