Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sammy's Six

It is hard to believe that Sam is six. I was telling her yesterday that I remember when she was born. For those who do not know, I had Sam at home. It was a very interesting experience. We lived in a basement apartment at that time. I think about it now and cannot believe that I was comfortable with the idea. Not the idea of homebirth, but in that basement apartment. Crazy!

Here is my six-year-old:

She was not quite awake yet. We have made it a family tradition to have a special
birthday breakfast. Crepes is a favorite around here.

I loved that look they get when they get something they really wanted.

So now I have a four-year-old, six-year-old, and thirteen-year-old. I really do not feel old enough, but the grey hairs I have so I am.

And just for an update on our pump and well situation, we still do not have a running pump. Because we have been very conservative with our water, we still have running water, but I know our day is coming. Our landlord is working on getting it fixed for us, but it could not be too soon for me.


  1. Happy Birthday Samantha!! I remember the day you were born too!!

    I was just going to ask how the water situation was going....then I remembered that you were renting...what is the holdup with your landlord? You are WAY more patient than I would be...bless you!

    Also, did you get your suburban un-stuck? Brad said he would be willing to come and pull you out if needed? Just let us know, k?

  2. We did get the suburban out. We also got our driveway dug out. And there really is not much that our landlord can do, it being the holiday season. We should have a new part ordered on Friday. It should be taken care of next week. We have been invited to us our neighbor's wash and dryer and bathroom. This is actually the third time it has happened. One of them was our fault, so we have learned to be patient.

  3. oh, i remember the day sammy was born too. i remember taking walks and playing games with bailee and phyllis while we waited impatiently for baby samantha to arrive, the midwives flitting here and there about the house keeping everything running peacefully and smooth, and when a glowing jeremy finally emerged from the bedroom with his bright, blue eyed beautiful baby girl to show us. but could that have really been 6 years ago?! i had to go back and read the post again when i started writing this because i actually thought "there is no way she is 6 years old!". alas, she's 6... i love you sammy, sweetie!

    ~auntie randi

  4. Actually, I remember when I was getting to the tough part of labor and I would get those rare momentary breaks, I would think what in the world do my mom, Randi and Bailee think about this.

    It was definitely a different experience than having one in the hospital.