Monday, December 29, 2008

More Farm Life

Yesterday when we woke up, the temperature had risen and our snow was melting.
This was a bit of a blessing though. Our snow had been very dry and the
girls had not been able to make snowmen yet.
Out they went to make their first snowmen, but they turned into snow turtles.
I am not sure if you can tell by the picture.

This picture shows how our snow piles up in some places.

We also had other adventures yesterday.
We were not able to get out of our driveway, but thankfully
we are suppose to be plowed out today.
Then our pump decided not to work. This means we have to
conserve water, because at some point it will run out.
This is our life here on the farm.


  1. You're just missing the milk cow.
    I always saw movies where people live in old farm houses, and it seems so romantic and wonderful...

  2. oh boy.

    hang in you just have to wait until the pump is fixed and then you have water or is it frozen or something?

    our snow is all gone from the rain...and now it is beyond windy up here.

  3. Regarding our pump, yes, we have to wait until it is fixed. We still have water at this time, but we are conserving, meaning no laundry or showers.