Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Raising Chickens

We have had several family members start raising chickens over the last few years and we decided it was our turn.  We live "on a farm" to a degree and we have plenty of room.  I also like the idea of fresh.  Bailee thinks we need a cow, but I am not there yet.  Sam and Makayla think we need a horse.  I would love a horse, but sadly, no.  Jeremy thinks we need a goat and all I can think about is the demon nanny goat we had when we were growing up.  Scary!  So no.  Chickens it is.  Here they are when they were little.  They are not so little anymore.  In fact, they are just a few short weeks away from being kicked out of their nice inside home to the own house.

This is Drumstick and probably the last time Luken held one of the chicks.  When he saw them poop on his sisters a few times, he was done.

Bailee named this one Pablo.

Pablo, Drumstick, and poop.

This is Makayla's and her name is either Flower, Rose, or Daisy.  Actually, I think she finally settled on Daisy.

Sammy with Betty

And this is Emma Rae on the left and Omelet on the right. 

We ended up buying a couple more to add to our flock.  We now have eight total.  I am excited.  They have been very fun to have.  The girls are helping with the responsibility of them which is a definite bonus.


  1. Have fun, I've really enjoyed having chickens, they are my kind of pet: stay outside, you can watch them when you want, they don't want to cuddle in your bed or poop on your floor. :) If you guys can build a chicken tractor of some sort those chickens could do a lot of your mowing for you.

  2. Jeremy thinks a goat would be a good lawnmower. He is joking, but it does make me think.

  3. awesome Jess! Jake has been out every night this week working on our chicken tractor so we can get our not-so-baby chicks out of our garage and into the yard as well. we got red and black sex-links, and so far i really like their looks and personalities. what breeds did you guys get? they are so cute : ) where are you going ot keep them?

  4. I would love to see pictures of the chicken tractor. We had this box kind of thing that Dad had made. It was just sides with no bottom. We were able to use that to put them outside to begin with. Now they have their chicken yard they are much happier.

    We have:
    2 Wyandottes - They are black and white, which I love. They are suppose to be excellent layers. Ours are the most skittish of the group which is funny because they are not suppose to be.

    2 Ameraucanas - They are brown,gold, and white. One has the coloring of a hawk right now. She is our queen.

    3 Orpingtons - They are buff and stupid. I think they are the most docile of the group.

    1 Sex link - She is black with brown down the middle of her feathers. I am excited to see how she looks full grown.

    We are enjoying them. I realize we will not be having eggs until the end of summer, but I am excited.