Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Book Review: Beneath the Shadows by Sara Foster

Beneath the Shadows by Sara Foster is a heartbreaking story about a woman whose husband goes missing.  Grace and Adam have moved to the English moors to get away from London life and enjoy their infant daughter.  After being there a week, Adam disappears.  Chapter 1.

After the disappearance, Grace and infant Millie leave to live with her parents.  The remainder of the book is a year later and Grace is trying to leave the past and move on. She feels to do this she must return to the moors and the little house they had lived in. She thinks by doing this she will be able to let her husband's ghost rest.

Sadly, what she finds are more questions than answers.  The small village they lived in is full of superstitious, odd people.  Scary things are happening that are causing Grace to believe she might be loosing her mind.  After many stops and starts, they truth is revealed and it is necessary what you think it will be.

This is a good read.  I will not give it great status, because it was too predictable.  I knew several of the "oh my" revelations before they were revealed.  It also had a whole lot of selfish, yucky people in it.  I like a story where the majority of the cast are good people, who are are just doing there best.  This story had way too many people who were just looking out for their own interests.  So my final thought is this story is only a three star story.

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