Monday, February 13, 2012

Swapping Rooms

 A couple of weeks ago, we decided Luken would begin bunking with Makayla and Sam would get her own room.  There were two main reasons for this: One, Sam was getting old enough to have her own room; Two, Makayla needs to rely on herself more than get Sam to do things for her.

This weekend we went about rearranging things.  I thought while we were at it we should just shuffle rooms, so we did.

 The above room is the northwest corner room.  It use to be the little girls room, but is now Bailee's.  Bailee was babysitting on Saturday, so she did not get a chance to pick it up.

The is the northeastern corner room, which is now Sam's.

This is the southeastern corner room, which has become the "family room."

And finally, this is the southwestern corner room, which belongs to Luken and Makayla.  They now have the largest room.  It will be interesting to see how Makayla handles cleaning it on her own.

It took all day Saturday to get this taken care of.  They love this new arrangement though.

These pictures were taken by with Jeremy's iPod.  It has an app that allows you take panoramic pictures.


  1. I was wondering how that was going to work with Luken being a boy when he gets older, but then I realized by time it matters, Bailee will probably be out of the house! Crazy to think.

  2. I know, it is sad to think she will be gone in just a few years.

    It is working out very well. Makayla likes having Luken with her more than I thought she would. She has not had to clean the room yet though, so we will see what happens on that day.