Saturday, December 5, 2009

More Thanksgiving

After having lunch at our house, we went down to Grandpa Ray's and Grandma Georgia's for some dessert. This is Luken with Great-Grandma Georgia and yes, Luken is sucking on his thumb. He is either sucking or chewing on his thumb.

This is Makayla with Aden. Aden thought Makayla was a great playmate. Makayla can be on the reserved side and was not sure what she thought of Aden.

This is Luken and Elise with Great-Grandma Georgia. More on the babies a little further down.

Sammy working off her Thanksgiving food.

Makayla and Aden playing in the tunnel.

Here is another of the babies. They were definitely the center of attention for the night. Elise is three weeks older than Luken.

It was fun to see the differences between them. Luken can sit up by himself, which Elise has not quite mastered yet. Elise can get herself around doing the army crawl and pushing with her toes. Luken just does a rocking horse motion on his belly. Luken also popped up a tooth on Thanksgiving day and another the day after. I do not believe Elise as any teeth yet.

God makes each baby wonderfully special and they grow at their own rate. They are such blessings.

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