Tuesday, August 4, 2009

God Print 2009

God Print is our churches Vacation Bible School. It is a wonderful opportunity for kids to pursue the things they enjoy, make new friends, and get to know Jesus better. I am always impressed by the teachers and helpers and the love they have for the kids that participate.

This year's theme was based on the movie UP. Our pastor, Kevin, is an incredible artist and he airbrushed these two characters.

Sam and Makayla had a great time this year. This was Makayla's first year and Sam's second. We were gone last year visiting family in Kansas.

You just never know what face you are going to get from Makayla.

Our kids - Bailee was an Adventure Guide this year. Luken is still too young, but he will get his day.


  1. And I hear that Bailee did a fantastic job!

  2. She is so funny. She is so good with other peoples kids and so short tempered with her siblings. I know she will grow out of it. I did. I just cannot wait until it happens.

  3. Yeah...probably when she's 18...or 23. That's about when I finally got some patience for my brothers, anyway! :)