Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Baby Shower at Healing Rooms

I have a good friend who I minister with at our local healing rooms. Her name is Jennifer and her son, Judah, was born one day before Luken. In the above picture, she is sitting with her daughter in her lap.

Kathy, the director of the Healing Rooms, gave us a shower together. It was very fun.

Mom Leister

Jennifer's Judah

All three of my daughters took turns taking pictures. Most of these are from them.

The sweater above was given to Jennifer by my mom. It comes from Kenya. Luken was given one also. It has a cute hat that goes over the baby's head.

One lady had just returned from Israel and bought each of the boys a Jewish cap called a Kippah.

These are all the girls.
Bailee, Troy, Mom, Myself, Luken
Sam, Makayla, Dannon

Jennifer and I with our sons

Luken and Judah

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