Friday, July 3, 2009

In the Hospital Again

Yep, I am writing this from St. Joes where I am admitted as a patient. At the beginning of this week, I began to run a low grade fever, which I believe I mentioned in a previous post.

I went to see my Dr. yesterday and has she was pressing around on my abdomen, she felt a funny lump. She decided that I needed a CT scan and she got it scheduled for last night.

I came in at 4:00pm and got this nasty dye drink, so they could what they were looking for on the CT. It was disgusting and I had to drink 32 oz of it. Smelled like Sprite, tasted like dish soap.

Then I came back at 7:00pm for the CT scan. I had to wait while the Dr. looked at it and then called my OB Dr. with his diagnosis.

What he found was like an abscess between my front abdominal wall and my back abdominal wall. His first measurement was tennis ball sized.

After that, my Dr. organized things so that I could be admitted at 7am this morning and they would drain it and put me on IV antibiotics.

So here, I am. I had it drained around 9:30am and I have a tube coming out of me collecting all the leftovers. What the Dr. drained off right then was really disgusting and infected. It was what was causing my fever.

Thankfully, they were able to get me a room in the OB ward, so that Luken can stay with me.

They did a culture of the blood and once they find out what type of infection I have they will give me more antibiotics.

I am believing to get to go home tomorrow, but I might be here till Sunday. Please pray for me that this all gets taken care of this time so that I do not have to return here.


  1. wow jess, i am so sorry!!! that is just crazy! an absecess?! we will be praying for you to get well ASAP. so glad luken gets to be with you : ) much love from the MW!

    love the leisters

  2. Oh Jess, I am so sorry. I hope an pray that this is it for you. I am sorry you are going through all of this. Will be thinking of you.

  3. Thanks Ladies. I could definitely use all the prayer I can get. I am still here (Saturday night) with a good chance of going home tomorrow. I will be going home with my catheter and collection bag though. That will be weird.

  4. oh man....what a bummer. What do they think was the reason for the infection...I mean what caused it?

    i hope you are feeling better as you read this... :)