Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Birthday Girl

17 years ago today Bailee was born.  Each year she gets older I get blindsided by the fact I am older.  I remember when I was a teenager and my mom would tell me she didn't feel old enough to have me.  I totally get it now.  When you have a child at 19, you just don't feel that old when they get to be in their late teens.

Birthday breakfasts are a big deal at our house.  Crepes are the most asked for item.  This morning we had crepes, bacon, and fried potatoes.


Saturday we had her birthday party.  Thank you everyone who came for it.  She felt very blessed by your presence.

Blowing out seventeen candles.

Thank you everyone for contributing to the iPod fund.  She is almost there.

Another year older - I cannot believe it.  Have I said that yet?!  I think I will probably just keep on saying.  I have yet to accept that they all just keep growing and getting older.

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