Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Few Things

This girl ran away today.  Okay, maybe, she actually got in a van and went on her second mission trip. The first was when she was four.  I believe this one will have more of an impact.  She is headed to Calgary, Canada as we speak.  I am so excited for her.  She is going with her youth pastor, Christian, and eleven other teens.  They were all sardined into a van this morning at 7am.  I am so blessed by this girl.  She has such a compassionate heart.  God is going to use her to do might things.

This little man is undergoing potty training and thankfully he is finally cooperating.  We are going to be going to Montana in August and I want us done.  He still says he does not like to do it, but he will.

And on a very non-family note, I read this article today about schools who were separating boys and girls and the hullabaloo it was causing.  It is worth reading - More public schools splitting up boys, girls.


  1. Where in Montana are you going?

  2. We are actually going to family. We are going to be in charge of the elementary 6-9 kids stuff. We are excited. I haven't been to camp in 15 years. Jeremy not quite that long but close and our kids other than Bailee never.