Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Another Pumpkin

Jessie and Bill Schmidt planted a pumpkin garden this year and they were blessed with very large pumpkins. They felt we should have one.

Jeremy brought it home one night last week and the girls only made it till next day before they wanted to carve it open.

Sad thing was - it had frozen over night and it was now getting soft. We cut it open and let them dig the insides out anyway.

We do not celebrate Halloween, so we were not going to make a jack o' lantern out of it, but we thought we would put a candle in it and set it on the front porch with an "M" cut out.

They all had a lot of fun digging the inside of it out even though portions of it were frozen.

Luken even thought the pumpkin was interesting.

And here is our teenager still willing to get her hands yucky!

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