Monday, June 8, 2009

Modest Swimwear

Summer can be a very challenging time for Bailee and me. One, because I have a very hard time finding a suit that will cover my amble chest. Two, because Bailee is getting to the age that she has a chest and she is a teenager.

We have been looking for Bailee a new swimsuit over the last few days and it has been very challenging. For those of you who do not have teenage daughters, the suits out there are shocking in their lack of cloth. So I did a google search for modest swimwear.

The above suits are some that I found within that search.
What do you think?


  1. The purple one looks like superhero. I was looking for swimsuits (in the jr. section) and they incredibly skimpy! Even the one pieces at walmart really weren't one pieces. More like two vertical strips.
    You might try Shopko? They usually have some more sporty stuff.

  2. Yeah, that is what I saw at Walmart also. That is what sent us to the internet. We actually found one at Kohl's that was priced reasonably enough that even with shipping it was comparable to what we could find here.

    And we are talking Bailee, she is not into the sporty look. Obviously, I want her to be modest but I do want her to feel good in what she wears.

  3. I think you misunderstood my "sporty" comment. I don't mean speedos, I just meant not so much "sunbathing only bikinis". You know, the suits with a bit more fabric that won't come flying off if you even think about moving.
    I always have a hard time because my chest is a large and the rest of me is a small. Luckily I can wear bras that squish down my chest, but not with swimwear. That's always lots of fun.
    Glad you guys were able to find something cute.

  4. Tomorrow, I write about a couple of sites that provide modest and style.

    And dear, you have no idea about a large chest. Finding a bathing suit to cover myself is always a challenge. There is no way to buy one in town that I would like.

    I hate when it is time to look for a new suit.

  5. jess,

    i don't know how expensive they are, but i saw some super cute one-piece suits in j. crew while i was in seattle. i bet you could order one online. i ordered a tankini top from victoria's secret this year (you can't get tankini's in the store) for that underwire and added push-up, which you and ange apparently wouldn't understand... and anywho, old navy's running shorts make awesome bottoms because they are CHEAP, they have the underwear liner built in so you don't even need to have matching bottoms, and they are made of rayon or something so they dry really fast. just some thoughts : ) hope you find something, but don't you dare put your poor daughter in one of those dress/suit atrocities!

    : )

  6. Great ideas, Ran. I will have to look into it when I am ready to look for suits, which won't be for a bit.

    Don't worry. We found a really cute suit for Bailee on the Kohl's website.

  7. i was hoping you were not interested in buying one of those either..... :)

    i was going to say.....I think she would look just fine in a tank-ini top and shorts....they make them just like Randi said....

    good luck.

  8. Well, finally suits that make sense.Thanks.